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Want to buy a fountain,

but worried about

how to install it?

Don't worry, we offer installation service with

every fountain purchase.

• Fountains

• Metal art

• Custom cypress driftwood art

• Mexican Talavera pottery'

• And much more!

Accent your garden with tasteful, striking ornaments

Did our striking Tiki heads catch your eye? These captivating creations are all handmade by a local artisan, so when you buy one you are supporting the immediate artistic community.


Our cypress driftwood fish sculptures are also made by a Florida artist. These one-of-a-kind sculptures will give your garden a unique, ornate flare that's hard to find anywhere else.

Check out our quality Talavera pottery

Finding unique Talavera pottery in Florida can be exhausting but we've got you covered at Unique Plants and Palms. You'll love our exquisite Mexican pottery, decorated with aesthetically pleasing ornate designs. Stop by now and find your perfect pot today.

Support your local Florida artists

Nothing ties your garden together like unique sculpture and art. Find your perfect decoration today, call or visit us.

Browse these palm trees, and many more, at our store

• Sylvestri palms

• Mule palms

• Sugar palms

• Windmill palms

• Washingtonian palms

• Sabal palms

• And much more!

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